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Media Sales Academy
Media Sales Academy
Media Sales Academy
Media Sales Academy

Program Overview

Working in broadcasting doesn’t always involve being in front of the camera. A position in media sales behind the scenes puts you on a path to financial success and career growth. As a media sales executive, you will establish relationships with clients while providing marketing solutions to help grow your business and interact with a variety of media platforms.

The Media Sales Academy will provide you with the tools and resources necessary to kickstart your career at any radio or television station. Whether you are looking to enter a small, medium or large market, this year-long program focuses on the key areas that will set you up for true success. From identifying your mentor to learning effective interviewing techniques, you will prepare yourself for life beyond college.

This year-long program is designed to give you the exposure, insight and expertise in what it takes to be an effective and successful media sales professional. From gaining a mentor to competing in a high-stakes sales competition, this program will prepare you with the skills and sales strategies to be an effective and successful sales professional.

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Where can a career in media sales lead you?

Explore this career road map to see how this program will set you up for a successful career in media.


stand out from your peers

Stand out from your peers.
The job market is more competitive than ever before and you must differentiate yourself from your peers to clinch the job. With a certificate from the Media Sales Academy, you will be more attractive to employers because you’ll bring a toolbox of skills to the job on day one.

Network with sernior media executives

Network with senior media executives.
With top executives of major media companies as your faculty, you will have the unique opportunity to network and build relationships with potential mentors who have been in the industry for years. You will also be assigned a mentor to help guide you through coursework and find the best approach for getting started in the broadcasting industry.

Sales competition

Sales competition.
Get the chance to win $1,500 in a pitch competition against your peers. Everyone must start somewhere, and what better way to differentiate yourself than to practice and perfect your pitch with help from mentors.

Combine what you know with who you know

Combine what you know with who you know.
As you near the end of this integrated program, you will have access to an exclusive career fair to help you start your career. With up to 20 top media companies attending, you can showcase your newly acquired skills and start making plans for life after graduation.

Do I Qualify?

This FREE program is open to all college sophomores, juniors and seniors interested in sales. Read more about our application guidelines to prepare your application for review.

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