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2020 Focus on Leadership Session
Can You Hear Me?
Events and Initiatives

Join the NAB Leadership Foundation and Public Words CEO Dr. Nick Morgan to explore your digital communication style and find out how to reestablish human connection.

We’re immersed in the digital world. In fact, we couldn’t live without the mobile phones, computers and social apps that allow us to work and play in ways unimaginable even two decades ago. But the blurring of the virtual and the real has a hidden cost that we pay every day. These technologies strip ordinary human emotions out of our communications, not to mention the misunderstandings, miscommunications and mistakes that arise from emails that convey the wrong tone, texts that misuse humor and audio conferences that put everyone to sleep. Dr. Morgan will reveal what is missing and share how to put human connection back into our emotionally impoverished virtual world.

NAB Show Express Focus on Leadership

The first 75 viewers of this session will receive a free ebook version of Dr. Morgan’s book Can You Hear Me?

2020 NAB Show Express AWM Fireside Chats

AWM Fireside Chats: Leaders in Media

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In partnership with the Alliance for Women in Media, join leading media executives who are blazing trails and navigating complexities in the constantly shifting environment. These conversations give you a peek into the strategies and tactics these innovative leaders have used to drive their organizations forward. You’ll hear how they provide meaningful guidance and value to their communities at a time when it’s critically needed.

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