Jinny Laderer

Jinny Laderer

President and Co-founder
Babson Park, Fla.

Jinny is the leader of a growing technology company that services over 4,000 local radio, digital and TV stations, networks and national media companies with cloud-based workflow solutions.

She is an advocate of women’s causes. She has been involved with Mentoring and Inspiring Women in Radio and the Association of Women in Media since 2008 and has been a judge for the Gracie Awards. Jinny is a co-founder and board member for a nonprofit that rescues preteen and teen girls out of sex trafficking in Honduras. She also serves on the board of her local church. Jinny tries to set an example to young women by balancing her work life to spend as much time as possible with her husband, four daughters, two sons and grandson.

Radio has always been a part of Jinny’s life. Her father owned a radio station for over 30 years and she was married to a station manager for 15 years. Prior to her career in radio, Jinny was a manager at Red Lobster, where she was instrumental in opening three new restaurants. In 1994, Jinny left the workforce to be a work-from-home mom with Mary Kay Cosmetics. By 2001, she had been awarded the Unit Queen of Sales and Recruiting for five consecutive years and earned a May Kay company car as a result of her sales and recruiting achievements.

Her official radio career began in 2001, where she worked various positions from copywriter, on air personality, sales and production. In 2003, Jinny began a freelance production company, TLCreative Advertising, LLC, which offered copywriting, voice-overs and production services to businesses and media agencies. Jinny was hired in 2004 as creative services director for the St Pier Group, owned by Tony Renda. In 2005, she won her first of four PAB awards for commercial production. That same year, her husband John developed a web-based workflow application that helped her maximize her creative time and get home on time. That continuity workflow software continued to develop and in 2008, launched to the radio industry as vCreative.