Technology Apprenticeship Program

Technology Apprenticeship Program


Interested applicants should be prepared to answer the questions below and provide a copy of their resume and at least one letter of recommendation.

  1. If selected for this program, would you prefer to focus on radio or television broadcast technology?
  2. Please list three local broadcast stations in the U.S. where you would like to complete your summer apprenticeship assignment if you are selected.
  3. Are you willing and able to relocate without additional financial assistance from the NAB Leadership Foundation to complete your apprenticeship at a station that is not in your home market? Although a stipend is provided for your apprenticeship, it is typically not enough to relocate.
  4. Please explain why you are interested in participating in the Technology Apprenticeship Program.
  5. Describe any experience you've had in electrical engineering, information technology, digital technologies or other related fields that could assist you in your broadcast engineering goals.
  6. Please explain how you believe TAP will fit into your career goals.
  7. Please share how you see technology impacting the future of broadcasting. Please use examples to support your assessment.
  8. Please describe any outside commitments that may interfere with your six month apprenticeship. The program takes place from March – September. A full program agenda is available here.
  9. Applicant must also submit a reference that can submit a letter of recommendation.

The application window for the 2019 program is now closed.

For more information, please contact Paloma Walker-Johnson at (202) 429-5369.